Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On Becoming a Knitter

This blog has been "up" for many months butI never got around to posting any of those promised knitting stories.

The stories are absolutely there, but odds and ends of health issues have interfered with all of my writing.

Yet, through the sleepless nights, crazy reactions to various meds, and other stuff that is of no interest, I DID continue to knit.

What a huge blessing that I ventured into the colorful, peaceful, creative world of knitting. Actually, I've just poked my toes in and will never be a REAL KNITTER. . . . or a person who knits really well.

My daughter K is a few years in experience and light years in ability ahead of me in knitting but we have fun sitting at the kitchen table visiting and knitting on those rare and precious times she comes to visit. She has gotten me and my yarn out of many a tangle. Sometimes we have to replace the needles and yarn for the tissue box as we remember, share, and pray together.

To date, I am working on my 17th prayer scarf. I've given away 13 of my creations, two are packaged for later, and one is my large pink practice shawl.

Today the time just seemed right to go public with my knitting adventure.

So - here are a few pictures to show I've stuck with knitting even if I have not written about the weaving, tangles, knots, tears, and smiles. Soon; soon; I will write the stories.

Knitting on the porch in the summer of 2010 when God's rain produced purple petunias.

Dear Heart modeled the Man Scarf before we mailed it

One of six prayer scarves I've knitted for Moms whose children have gone to war these two years.

So - until next time - - -
May all your stitches be blessed.