I hope you'll enjoy these posts whether you knit or not. I didn't learn to knit until I was OLD. 72 ! Here's how it happened:

Enter: Knitting

I said, "I can't."
I said, "It's too hard."
I said, "My fingers won't cooperate."
I said, "I AM TOO OLD!"

My step-daughter said, "Sure you can." She pulled her chair up close and said, "See, like this."
I saw only a blur.
My grandson said, "Google it."

*well - DUHHH* Desire to create overcame clumsy fingers.
     I found about a million web sites but this is the site where I began to learn to knit. WOW. One tiny stitch at a time. I gathered my needles, my yarn, and settled in front of my computer.
Click. Pause. Move yarn. Look. Click. Pause. Move needle. Look. AND KNIT.
     It was a slow, tedious, painful process. I asked questions of friends. I went to our local knit shop and found lovely yarn and patient, helpful knitters.
Daughter Dear came back to visit and knit one stitch after another for me . . . .

     So, I knit; unraveled; knit; unraveled; and tried again. Too embarrassed to join my church Prayer Shawl Knitting Group I struggled on my own because as 72 years rolled into 73 years, my eye-hand coordination tangled with each other. I could not tell a knit from a purl. (tee hee... when I finally learned how, those stitches became pearls to me !!)
  I knit on.....
  • while Dear Heart watched football
  • as we waited in doctors' offices
  • in the emergency room trying to be calm for Dear Heart
  • on the airplane after saying goodbye to my Kentucky family
Then one day, I had a SCARF !!

These posts are NOT to tell anyone HOW to knit, and I'm certainly not good enough to brag. But, because stories about people are a natural part of my life, of course I find knitting stories. Some, I'd like to share with you. I pray you'll find a blessing here and there.

So, because He first loved me, I'll keep stitching together prayers, yarn, and words.